Would you boycott a brand over their ethics?

I would, in fact I do. Interestingly, a new Edelman study shows 64% of consumers across 8 key markets including China, India, US, Brazil & U.K are willing to boycott a brand over its ethics (increase of 13% over 12 months). This might just seem like interesting market analysis but it says a lot about […]

What is really at the heart of a great culture?

Pyschological Safety

Psychological Safety is not new – but thanks to Google’s research on great teams is gaining more attention. In fact, Google’s research and plenty of other research shows that psychological safety is the basis of all high performance teams. Quite a statement! However, in my experience I have to agree. I see so many organisations […]

Interviews, job offers and toxic cultures.

Toxic Cultures

I just read a great Fast Company article titled “How to identify a toxic culture before accepting a job offer!” I couldn’t help but relate to the content. How often have you heard recruiters, HR or interviewers wax lyrical about how great the company culture is, only to find it never lives up to the hype. In this article Jared Lindzon comes […]