I would, in fact I do.

Interestingly, a new Edelman study shows 64% of consumers across 8 key markets including China, India, US, Brazil & U.K are willing to boycott a brand over its ethics (increase of 13% over 12 months).

This might just seem like interesting market analysis but it says a lot about the evolving nature of consumers, employees, communities & business leadership. Globally, we continue to see new legislation introduced to combat unethical practices such as unconscionable conduct toward smaller business by big business, deceptive marketing, ‘modern day slavery’ & the appalling treatment of the elderly & disabled.

It is unfortunate that so many ‘leaders’ choose only to address these challenges when they are backed into a corner.

On the plus side, we all know of businesses choosing to put people ahead of profits, choosing to make a positive difference in the world & making proactive changes to their practices.

Well done to all those leaders who have the COURAGE to be part of the evolution of business. If you are a consumer make sure they get your support.

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