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A New Perspective on Employee Engagement

“The future employee engagement will see the lines between work and personal life extremely blurre… January 10, 2020 Keep Reading

Powerful questions to evolve your organisationalleadership and management.

The future employee engagement will see the lines between work and personal life extremely blurred, … December 16, 2019 Keep Reading

Top 5 Hits + Myths of Project Management

As International Project Management Day approaches, and to kick off the launch of our industry first… October 10, 2019 Keep Reading

Supporting the “New” Career Journey

Retention, Engagement, Succession Planning and High Performance Today the needs of the workforce are… October 6, 2019 Keep Reading

The Entrepreneurial PM: Thinking Beyond the Process

Project management has been around in its current form for over fifty years when work was about ‘w… September 27, 2019 Keep Reading

The Evolution of Entrepreneurial Project Management

The term ‘Entrepreneurial’ and ‘Project Management’ could seem totally at odds with each oth… September 1, 2019 Keep Reading

TED Talk Summary : How To Activate Ideas

The following concepts are taken from the 2013 TED Talk by Manav Subodh when he was the global manag… August 11, 2019 Keep Reading

Age No Barrier for Entrepreneurs

This is an inspirations TED video that shows age is no barrier to becoming a successful entrepreneur… August 11, 2019 Keep Reading

The future of leadership & management.

To remain relevant as leaders and managers, we need to challenge the holy grails, debunk myths and i… July 30, 2019 Keep Reading

5 Observations about Leadership + Management

I have worked extensively across the fields of leadership, management, project management and coachi… July 22, 2019 Keep Reading

Is mindfulness just a fad, or does it really matter?

As managers, leaders, coaches and trainers we aim to have major and positive impacts on the lives of… July 18, 2019 Keep Reading

Do you want to be a leader or a manager?

This question has always annoyed me, and here’s why. I have always found it fascinating how th… June 11, 2019 Keep Reading

Would you boycott a brand over their ethics?

I would, in fact I do. Interestingly, a new Edelman study shows 64% of consumers across 8 key market… May 23, 2019 Keep Reading

What is really at the heart of a great culture?

Psychological Safety is not new – but thanks to Google’s research on great teams is gaining more… May 14, 2019 Keep Reading

Interviews, job offers and toxic cultures.

I just read a great Fast Company article titled “How to identify a toxic culture before accepti… May 1, 2019 Keep Reading

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