Adventure Leadership + Wellbeing

Adventure + Wellbeing

It can be a daunting to consider that over a lifetime, up to 80,000 hours will be spent at work and for most people a majority of that time will be spent indoors and in air-conditioning.

In her book ‘The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative’,  journalist Florence Williams lists twelve reasons why being in a natural environment is good for us including: improved ability to focus, better performance on creative tasks, helping to fight depression, and improved short term memory. Other research suggests that being outdoors can improve immune function and reduce stress.

That’s why at aile we offer a wide range of alternate learning experiences that offer both personal and professional development – indoors and in the great outdoors.


‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.’

Are you or your team up for a memorable learning adventure? At aile we partner with the best in the business and for our adventure programs we work with  Australia’s leading adventure specialists, Best Life Adventures.

Together we develop and deliver leadership, team building, or strategic planning programs with a difference.

Our corporate programs cater for all fitness levels with one important focus – providing participants with experiences and learnings that will last a lifetime. Whether you require a local one day adventure or a week long retreat; from the natural environments of the local hinterland or the Whitsunday Islands. to learning from the nomadic tribes of Mongolia, we will create a unique, impactful, memorable and instagram worthy  experience to meet your learning goals.


92% of professionals surveyed said that it was very important or somewhat important for them to work for an employer that offers a workplace wellness program. 

Wellbeing programs give employees incentives, tools, social support, privacy, and strategies to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors.

A range of research indicates that corporate well-being programs are proven to improve employee engagement, productivity, employee retention and health and unsurprisingly they also have a proven positive return on investment.

‘For every $1 spent on employee wellness,
there is an average ROI of $5.81’

We work with a range of experienced professionals to create and deliver tailored programs that promote physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual health and well-being. Our expert practitioners provide an engaging, fun, safe and nurturing environment.

Our wellness programs begin from one hour to week long leadership retreats which may include: meditation, nutrition, mindfulness, yoga, work/life integration and more. They can be delivered as a ‘one off’ or as part of an integrated and ongoing workplace well-being strategy.

Talk to us about incorporating a real life adventures/wellness experiences into your next corporate program.

Coaching Programs

When it comes to personal health and well being we work with a team of expert coaches who span the following areas.

  • Personal Development & Life Challenges 
  • Goal Achievement
  • Competency Development
  • Relationships
  • Fitness 
  • Career 
  • Health  & Nutrition 
  • Personal Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Spirituality & Connection

These coaches can be provided under an ’employee assistance scheme’ that proactively focuses on health and wellbeing for individuals in the work place or engaged for one off programs to support your staff. Please get in touch for more information,

  • Program Duration

    Programs range from one hour to over one week in duration.

  • Locations

    Adventure programs and retreats can be delivered anywhere in Australia or Internationally based on your needs.

  • Delivery

    Face to face delivery with online content on the way!

  • Facilitators + Coaches

    Our facilitators and coaches are all experts in their fields and drawn from a wide range of disciplines.

  • Participant Numbers

    These program and workshops can be run for 5 to 50+ participants. Coaching services can be provided on an individual or team basis.

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