Beyond Strategic Planning

How to achieve break through results, using entrepreneurial strategic execution.


The concepts traditionally used in strategic planning and execution were introduced more than 50 years ago, well before the age of information. In today’s fast paced and dynamic business world, market conditions and the operating environment will likely change before you have even begun cascading your well thought out and thorough strategic plan through the organisation. Building a culture of entrepreneurial strategic execution provides your business and your strategy with the ability to pivot, react and adjust to emergent conditions, threats and opportunities.

This contemporary and practical program focuses on the capabilities, tools and techniques to bring strategy to life – quickly and effectively. The program provides an understanding of the approaches that drive strategic outcomes with considered clarity, engagement, action and energy as you pursue your strategic goals and vision.

Participants will learn how to effectively structure, lead and manage strategic execution through our unique entrepreneurial strategic execution framework – EASE™.

This program is one of the only strategic execution programs on the market suitable for managers at any level – including more experienced staff who aspire to senior roles.  The program is beneficial and provides practical tools for managers at the frontline as well as “C” suite managers and leaders.

It is suitable for small, large, private and public organisations.

In-House Programs

This program is ideally suited to in-house delivery where your teams can develop their strategic execution plans in a professionally facilitated workshop environment.

“Managers are trained to develop strategy, not to execute it in a rapidly changing world.”

According to PWC only 8% of company leaders excel at strategy and execution. The good news is it’s not you, it’s your education.  In most MBA’s and other strategy training programs 95% of the time is spent on the theory of strategy and only 5% on execution. Yet in the real world the exact opposite is true.

No matter where you look the research reinforces that by increasing strategic execution capability even a small amount, you will be able to produce extraordinary results.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will leave with the knowledge and practical experience to apply an entrepreneurial approach to strategic execution. Participants will also have an opportunity to work on their specific strategic challenges during the program.

Key participant takeaways include:

  • A practical strategic execution framework that identifies the managers’ role in strategic execution.
  • The knowledge to effectively structure, lead and manage strategic execution, using an iterative approach that takes into account the changing nature of our external and internal environments.
  • Practical tools and techniques to align staff to strategic goals and drive both business value and staff engagement simultaneously.
  • A practical approach to identifying and developing core strategic delivery competencies at every level of the organisation.
  • An appreciation of how practical corporate and project governance drives agility, flexibility, engagement and strategic success.

This program is perfect for discovering:

  • Approaches to alleviating the challenges of implementing a strategic plan that has been poorly structured, too complex, too basic or way too detailed.
  • Tools to overcome struggles with traditional approaches to cascading your strategic plan through the organisation.
  • How external and internal environment changes affect and can be managed during strategic execution

This program will advance your career prospects by:

  • Ensuring your strategic planning efforts translate into business outcomes, no matter what is going on around you.
  • Understanding how compliance, governance and entrepreneurial strategic execution can happily co-exist.
  • Improving your contribution to the organisation’s success
  • Developing your capability to drive business success through team engagement and aligned performance management.
  • Setting you up to be in the top 10% of managers globally.

Coaching – Public Programs

Our 90 Day Capability Coaching package incorporated in programs of 2 or more days in duration includes.

  • High Impact Goal – Participants set and work toward a 90 day ‘high impact goal’.
  • One on one coaching – 1 x goal setting coaching session and 2 x 40 minute coaching session with one of our experienced facilitators/coaches.
  • Live Group Webinars – Monthly 45 minute facilitator led private group webinars with Q&A and discussion to encourage critical thinking, lessons learnt and transfer of skills.
  • Private online group – Access to an exclusive Telegram Group where participants can ask questions and share progress toward their goals.

Coaching – Corporate Packages

90 Day Coaching packages can be included for in-house programs. They may be delivered for specific individuals or the team as a whole.

Individual and team packages will be based on the above coaching model customised to meet specific needs of the individual and/or organisation.

Team coaching  is a powerful approach that improves both individual performance, team performance and the teams collective leadership to support each other in achieving their individual goals and delivering improved business

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  • Strategic Planning

    Participating in this program or running it in house prior to a strategic planning session will greatly enhance your chances of strategic success.

  • Program Duration

    This program is typically run as a two day program. For in-house programs the duration can be amended to meet your needs. Durations may range of one day to five days. .

  • Delivery

    This program is delivered as a face to face workshop. It is delivered as a regular public program and can be delivered in house to specifically meet your requirements

  • Add Some Adventure

    Why not create a unique training program for your organisation. This program can be delivered as a learning retreat with adventure learning elements and/or parts of this program can be integrated into your own strategic planning retreat. If you want ideas for venues or locations get in touch.

  • Coaching Support

    All public programs of two or more days duration include a 90 day 'goal achievement' and capability coaching package. This ensures immediate and effective transfer of learnings to your workplace. Coaching programs are recommended but optional for in-house programs.

  • Facilitators

    Our facilitators have a proven track record for delivering engaging, progressive workshops. They are also subject matter experts with proven industry experience and finely honed adult education skills.

  • Participant Numbers

    This program can be run for 5 to 50 participants. To ensure effective training of larger groups we utilise two experienced facilitators.

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