Coaching + Mentoring

Accelerate Personal, Professional + Business Results.


Aile’s 90-day post program coaching and mentoring package is designed to support participants and their organisations to attain specific business, professional and/or career goals.

The face to face and telepresence program provides the opportunity to practice and reflect on new skills while receiving constructive feedback.

Aile incorporates coaching packages into public programs and also makes them available as an inclusion in corporate delivery.  The combination of group learning and targeted one-on-one skills development ensures maximum benefit and skills transfer for personal and organisational learning investment.

For organisational and personal development outcomes, training and coaching go hand-in-hand. Training provides the knowledge and techniques to develop skills, coaching accelerates capability development and the immediate application in the workplace.

Aile’s developmental coaching and mentoring program is designed to reinforce what is learnt in training and opens the door to improvements such as increased engagement, motivation and business results.  Most participants report that the main and greatest benefit is having an expert, impartial, third-party with whom they can discuss personal and professional strategies prior to implementing them in the workplace.

Deploying developmental coaching and mentoring sub-programs as part of a training regime accelerates capability development and delivers results by giving participants and organisations a competitive edge, and a highly effective way to immediately realise the return on investment made in organisational learning and development.

In a U.S. study the benefit of training compared to the combined scenario of training and post-training coaching was explored. It found that training alone improved productivity by 22% but when coaching was added, productivity increased by a huge 88%.


  • Accelerated capability development and skills transfer
  • Increased motivation, personal empowerment and commitment to personal and professional development
  • Immediate goals setting and action taking
  • Improved work place performance
  • Improved engagement and job satisfaction
  • Greater contribution to the team and organisational goals
  • Improved career prospects
  • Increased ROI on training spend
  • Improved business results
  • Improved confidence

When asked, over 80% of polled employees report that when formalised coaching is implemented in a training program, it increases their self-confidence in their ability to do their jobs. When employees feel confident and have effective development and transfer of skills, you’ll absolutely see their productivity increase

Public Programs

Our 90 Day Capability Coaching package that is incorporated programs of 2 or more days in duration includes.

  • High Impact Goal – Participants set and work toward a 90 day ‘high impact goal’.
  • One on one coaching – 1 x goal setting coaching session and 2 x 40 minute coaching session with one of our experienced facilitators/coaches.
  • Live Group Webinars – Monthly 45 minute facilitator led private group webinars with Q&A and discussion to encourage critical thinking, lessons learnt and transfer of skills.
  • Private online group – Access to an exclusive Telegram Group where participants can ask questions and share progress toward their goals.

Corporate Packages

90 Day Coaching packages can be included for in-house programs. They may be delivered for specific individuals or the team as a whole.

Individual and team packages will be based on the above coaching model customised to meet specific needs of the individual and/or organisation.

Team coaching  is a powerful approach that improves both individual performance, team performance and the teams collective leadership to support each other in achieving their individual goals and delivering improved business outcomes.

  • Program Duration

    Our standard coaching packages are 90 days.

  • Delivery

    Coaching sessions are delivered face to face and/or utilise technologies such as Zoom video and conferencing. Webinars are delivered using Zoom and online support using Telegram.

  • Options

    All public programs of two or more days duration include a 90 day coaching and mentoring package. Coaching programs are recommended but optional for in-house programs and wil be tailored to meet you specific needs.

  • Coaches + Mentors

    Our coaches and mentors include our experienced facilitators and extended team members who experienced subject matter experts, trainers and coaches with proven industry experience and finely honed adult education skills.

  • Participant Numbers

    Coaching can be delivered for individuals and/or groups of participants.

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