Entrepreneurial Leadership - Purpose Driven Change

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Do you feel that your feet are planted on shaky ground? That despite all the training and experience you have acquired over the years, nothing seems to be aligned with the pace of change and expectations of leaders today.

Well you aren’t alone. As other business schools call it — we are in the midst of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

And that’s why you’re having to make more decisions than ever before, grapple over ever changing strategy and deal with ever increasing expectations of the work force. The world outside has simply changed.

Rapid new innovations, digital transformation, massive cultural shifts and globalisation are now the norm.

Why does this matter?

Because the pace of change and expectations of leaders today is vastly different to the first industrial revolution, yet leadership training has barely changed.

Now, leaders are in a position of playing catchup and that’s where we come in.

We know that to thrive in this new reality, organisations need leaders that can foster and drive purposeful change at all levels—and they need them now; from top executives to first-time managers, and everyone in between.

They need leaders and managers that can ride the wave of disruption, foster engaged, vibrant and innovative teams, execute strategy as a moving game and challenge conventional wisdom to take their organisations to new heights or risk disappearing into obscurity.

These leaders have become known as entrepreneurial leaders, and they are the most highly sought after leaders today.

Entrepreneurial Leadership – Can you answer yes to all the following?

Do you, as a leader, release and drive ‘value creation’ through both internal and external opportunity seeking?

Does your strategic plan and annual plan foster entrepreneurial thinking, rather than act as a strategic handcuff?

Is your company a leader, rather than a follower, in the creation of customer driven products or services?

Do you, as a leader, demonstrate passion, purpose and courage linked to the creation of great products, services and culture?

Do you, as a leader, drive purposeful change and challenge conventional wisdom in the pursuit of engaged, vibrant and innovative teams?

Do you, as a leader, have a relentless focus on developing your business acumen and operating ‘as if’ you are a business owner?

Becoming Entrepreneurial

Entrepreneurial leaders create value because their drive and energy is focused on identifying, capturing and developing internal and/or external ‘opportunities’ – often doing and seeing things that other have missed. They are driven, creative, resourceful and inventive, within the limitations and constraints imposed by their business environment.

It is easy to fall victim to the rules and processes imposed on the organisation both internally and externally and to allow them to inhibit true growth, rather than challenge their value.

Entrepreneurial Leadership develops the skills, capabilities and mindsets that allow the leader, their team and organisation to pursue opportunity driven and purposeful change that creates business value.

The Entrepreneurial Leader leads with the knowledge of how to create, lead and drive for a better future. 

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs


This program is for leaders and managers at any level of the organisation. It is best suited to leaders who are looking to develop practical skills and personal insights that will enable them to create positive change, purposeful cultures and develop teams that are able to tap into their creative potential.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognise the important role of entrepreneurship in delivering business value to the organisation
  • Apply a range of models and methods to identify, capture, validate and implement internal and external opportunities with a view to adding value to the organisation
  • Identify and understand the impact of personal preferences related to risk tolerance, conflict and opportunity seeking on leadership and team engagement.
  • Identify your leadership style and take action on leadership traits to enhance individual, team and organisational entrepreneurial success.
  • Identify the governance approaches that foster and/or inhibit entrepreneurial leadership
  • Develop personal, organisational and team visions as they relate to creativity, innovation and challenging organisational norms.
  • Develop an environment to foster teams that are open and challenging to each other.
  • Develop a range of skills that promote creative thinking and entrepreneurial problem solving.
  • Apply complex thinking and decision-making models that can be applied in a constantly changing, ambiguous internal and global environment.
  • Utilise Entrepreneurial Leadership to improve and drive staff engagement, drive change and improve business outcomes.

Coaching – Public Programs

Our 90 Day Capability Coaching package includes:

  • High Impact Goal – Participants set and work toward a 90 day ‘high impact goal’.
  • One on one coaching – 1 x goal setting coaching session and 2 x 40 minute coaching session with one of our experienced facilitators/coaches.
  • Live Group Webinars – Monthly 45 minute facilitator led private group webinars with Q&A and discussion to encourage critical thinking, lessons learnt and transfer of skills.
  • Private online group – Access to an exclusive Telegram Group where participants can ask questions and share progress toward their goals.

Coaching – Corporate Packages

We recommend including a 90 day coaching package to facilitate the transfer of leadership skills from the workshop to the work place.

Individual and group coaching will take place as per the outline above. Individuals will be asked to identify a high impact leadership goal related to the program that can be implemented within 90 days.

Team coaching  is a powerful approach that improves both individual performance, team performance and the teams collective leadership to support each other in achieving their individual goals and delivering improved business, A

  • Program Duration

    This program is typically run as a two day program with follow on coaching and project work over a 90 day period.

  • Delivery

    This program is delivered as a face to face workshop. It is delivered as a regular public program and can be delivered in house to specifically meet your requirements

  • Add Some Adventure

    Why not create a unique training program for your organisation. This program can be delivered as a learning retreat and/or include adventure elements and be delivered in a wide range of locations and venues.

  • Coaching Support

    All public programs of two or more days duration include a 90 day 'goal achievement' and capability coaching package. This ensures immediate and effective transfer of learnings to your workplace. Coaching programs are recommended but optional for in-house programs.

  • Facilitators

    Our facilitators have a proven track record for delivering engaging, progressive workshops. They are also subject matter experts with proven industry experience and finely honed adult education skills.

  • Participant Numbers

    This program can be run for 5 to 50 participants. To ensure effective training of larger groups we utilise two experienced facilitators.

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