Entrepreneurial Thinking

Entrepreneurial Thinking

“Today’s accomplishments were yesterday’s impossibilities.” – Robert H. Schuller

Traditional industries as well as large and small organisations are under unprecedented pressure: access to staff is increasingly competitive, and start-ups are disrupting entire industries. That’s why fostering entrepreneurial thinking among employees is is crucial to business success today.

In fact, 1500 CEO’s recently ranked creativity and entrepreneurial thinking as the number one factor for future business success. 

In order to identify and address internal and external opportunities, define creative solutions and turn them into business value, employees must be supported and educated in developing and unfolding their entrepreneurial potential.

Entrepreneurial thinking also leads to unprompted innovation and renewal which is essential for an organisation to sustain competitiveness over time.

Business schools typically teach two forms of thinking: strategic and managerial. Both largely focus on managing given resources (e.g. staff and budgets) to achieve predetermined goals (e.g. sales, efficiency, profit or market share). In contrast, entrepreneurial thinking focuses on opportunity seeking, analysis, and creative solutions to achieve increased and ongoing value beyond expectations.

Entrepreneurial Thinking aims to create viable solutions to internal and external challenges and opportunities. It promotes creative thinking and a ‘growth’ mindset that embraces change, learns from failure and feedback, and persists in the face of set backs. 

“When every one thinks alike, no one is thinking.” — Walter Lippman

Becoming Entrepreneurial

At aile we pave the path for managers and their teams to tap into their Entrepreneurial Thinking potential.

Using the latest research and studies of great entrepreneurs this program if fun, forward thinking and impactful. 

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

Learning Outcomes

In this program participants will learn a range of models, methods and mindset attributes to unleash their Entrepreneurial Thinking.

They will also learn the keys to successfully creating work environments and cultures that foster Entrepreneurial Thinking, continuous improvement and innovation.

Key takeways include: 

  • Understand the role of Entrepreneurial Thinking in organisational sustainability and competitiveness.
  • Understand the concept of business value and how it is generated.
  • Identifying approaches to break through limited thinking to envision future possibilities and drive change.
  • Identification of the source of creative thought and the role of psychological safety in fostering Entrepreneurial Thinking. 
  • Understand personal risk tolerances and how they impact creative thinking.
  • Experience different approaches to decision making to foster entrepreneurial solution creation and implementation.
  • Utilisation of a wide range of  individual and team tools and techniques to tap into new ways of thinking and idea generation.
  • An appreciation of why failure and creativity are partners to success.
  • Recognising the impact of ‘busyness’, stress and self confidence on the creative mindset.
  • How to apply mind models than enhance progressive thinking within a constantly changing, ambiguous internal and global environment.
  • How be promote resourceful ways of doing more with less.
  • How to cultivate an environment that enhances creativity and innovation.


This program is suitable for managers, team leaders and team members across the organisation and is a great program to generate positive energy, ideas and new skills.

  • Program Duration

    This program is typically run as a one day intensive program or can be run as a two day program to explore the application of Ingentious Thininking, and related concepts as it relates to current workplace challenges or projects.

  • Delivery

    This program is delivered as a face to face workshop. It is delivered as a regular public program and can be delivered in house to specifically meet your requirements

  • Add Some Adventure

    Why not create a unique training program for your organisation. This program can be delivered as a learning retreat and/or include adventure elements and be delivered in a wide range of locations and venues.

  • Coaching Support

    Coaching services are available to support capability development and implementation following this program.

  • Facilitators

    Our facilitators have a proven track record for delivering engaging, progressive workshops. They are also subject matter experts with proven industry experience and finely honed adult education skills.

  • Participant Numbers

    This program can be run for 5 to 50 participants. To ensure effective training of larger groups we utilise two experienced facilitators.

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