Project Management Foundations

The untapped secret to team and business success.


Today’s economy is fast paced and dynamic. Entrepreneurs, business owners, managers and their teams need skills to realise their ideas,  create a great team environment and deliver business value no matter what is going on around them. That is the power of project management.

In the program participants will learn why the art and science of project management is the secret to team and organisational success. Utilising simple, powerful frameworks and tools, participants will learn how to collaborate, communicate and drive project outcomes – small and large. Participants will leave with a renewed vision of team work and strategies to support managers and leaders to achieve their strategic and operational goals. 


This program is suitable for a wide range of participants including managers, their team members and/or other workplace participants who aspire to more senior and impactful roles. It can also be delivered to the benefit of entrepreneurs, business owners and start up teams.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be leave with an understanding and practical experience in applying project management tools and techniques to achieve strategic and operational business outcomes as a team. Integrate to achieving outcomes participants will learn a range of tools and techniques to create clarity, manage stakeholders, promote team work and improve communication.

During the program participants will work on a range of real business projects and will learn:

  • The role of strategic planning, operational planning and prioritisation in selecting key business projects.
  • How to initiate and plan a project using simple and collaborative tools and techniques.
  • How to plan seemingly unplannable projects.
  • The secrets to delivering projects on time and to an agreed budget.
  • The importance of continually focussing on business outcomes and constraints.
  • How to achieve project outcomes in changing environments.
  • How to use project management tools and technique for effective delegation and teamwork.
  • The keys to project planning and execution as they relate to scope, human resources, time, cost, quality, stakeholders, communication, procurement, risk.
  • The importance of continuous improvement and learning.

Coaching – Public Programs

Our 90 Day Capability Coaching forms part of our our public program and includes: 

  • High Impact Goal – Participants set and work toward a 90 day ‘high impact goal’.
  • One on one coaching – 1 x goal setting coaching session and 2 x 40 minute coaching session with one of our experienced facilitators/coaches.
  • Live Group Webinars – Monthly 45 minute facilitator led private group webinars with Q&A and discussion to encourage critical thinking, lessons learnt and transfer of skills. 
  • Private online group – Access to an exclusive Telegram Group where participants can ask questions and share progress toward their goals.

Coaching – Corporate Packages

90 Day Coaching packages can be included for in-house programs. They may be delivered for specific individuals or the team as a whole.

Individual and team packages will be based on the above coaching model customised to meet specific needs of the individual and/or organisation.

Team coaching  is a powerful approach that improves both individual performance, team performance and the teams collective leadership to support each other in achieving their individual goals and delivering improved business

  • Program Duration

    This program can be run as a one day introduction or as a three day practical program where participants leave with hands on experience in applying their learnings.

  • Delivery

    This program is delivered as a face to face workshop. It is delivered as a regular public program and can be delivered in house to specifically meet your requirements

  • Add Some Adventure

    Why not create a unique training program for your organisation. This program can be delivered as a learning retreat and/or include adventure elements and be delivered in a wide range of locations and venues.

  • Coaching Support

    All public programs of two or more days duration include a 90 day 'goal achievement' and capability coaching package. This ensures immediate and effective transfer of learnings to your workplace. Coaching programs are recommended but optional for in-house programs.

  • Facilitators

    Our facilitators have a proven track record for delivering engaging, progressive workshops. They are also subject matter experts with proven industry experience and finely honed adult education skills.

  • Participant Numbers

    This program can be run for 5 to 50 participants. To ensure effective training of larger groups we utilise two experienced facilitators.

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