Our Team

Our Amazing Experts

Gabby Button (Qld, Australia)

International Management + Leadership Consultant & Award Winning Facilitator (CLP)

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Ben Southall (Qld, Australia)

Adventure Leadership Expert,  Adventurepreneur, Digital Journalist

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Georgina Rowe (Qld, Australia)

International Project Leadership, Governance + Strategic Execution Specialist, Master Facilitator

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Lizete Morais (San Jose, Cost Rica)

Leadership Transformation Expert + International Best Selling Author

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Rebecca Middleton (Qld, Australia)

Business Leadership Trainer, Coach + Team Development Specialist

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Simon Quirk (Vic, Australia)

Lawyer, Innovation Strategist, Entrepreneur, Small Business + Start Up Facilitator

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Debbie Hogg (WA, Austalia)

ICF Award Winning Coach, Teenage Leadership Development Facilitator + Coach

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Adrian Nathaniel (Qld. Australia)

Gold Coast’s Leading Adviser Specialising in Ethical Investing + Sustainability

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Our Partners

We collaborate and co-create with educators, innovators and industry bodies to ensure we deliver on our vision of launching the new era of business leadership. 

Best Life Adventures

Together we are creating a whole new breed of unreal adventures to create real world business leaders and game changers. Stay tuned for our first international leadership adventure to be announced during June 2019.

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Vid Versity is Australia’s leading enterprise video and online learning solution. We are working with them to create online content that supports your learning journey. Engaging, enjoyable and educational!

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Institute for Learning Professionals (ILP)

We work with ILP to set the standards for our facilitators and programs. 

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Our Passionate Directors

Our directors are making a difference in the world of business, not just in Australia but internationally. They are highly respected in the world of entrepreneurs, innovation, management, leadership, project management and business education and are committed to making the world a better place through business.