Powerful questions to evolve your organisational leadership and management.

The future employee engagement will see the lines between work and personal life extremely blurred, just as the future of business will see the boundaries between work and higher purpose merging into one. Where doing good really will be good for business.  It’s time to explore these emerging frontiers.” [Gabby Button] No one just wants […]

Supporting the “New” Career Journey


Retention, Engagement, Succession Planning and High Performance Today the needs of the workforce are changing. To attract and retain great talent and passionate employees things need to change. We know that as you progress in your career the level of complexity in your job or the influence you have in an organisation changes; therefore, your […]

The Entrepreneurial PM: Thinking Beyond the Process

Project management has been around in its current form for over fifty years when work was about ‘working for’, not ‘working with’ an organisation to get results. Times have certainly changed since then, with greater expectations of commitment from both sides of the fence and ideally, a joint approach to organisational outcomes. Yet in my […]

The Evolution of Entrepreneurial Project Management

Entrepreneurial Project Management

The term ‘Entrepreneurial’ and ‘Project Management’ could seem totally at odds with each other. Being ‘entrepreneurial’ is synonymous with change, flexibility and opportunity seeking, while ‘project management’ is more at home with structure, scope and process. Yet today, entrepreneurial project management is transforming how strategy is executed and how companies are started. It is an […]

The future of leadership & management.

To remain relevant as leaders and managers, we need to challenge the holy grails, debunk myths and invent new practices better suited for the 21st century. We need to move beyond past paradigms and create new, future oriented paradigms and ways of leading.  We know that communities, economies, humanity, technology and business have massively evolved since […]

Is mindfulness just a fad, or does it really matter?


As managers, leaders, coaches and trainers we aim to have major and positive impacts on the lives of our staff and clients. To be great at what we do, it is imperative that we have a never ending thirst to learn. We must continue to build our suite of tools and techniques to help others […]

Do you want to be a leader or a manager?

This question has always annoyed me, and here’s why. I have always found it fascinating how these words are used in business. We start as ‘team leaders’ become ‘managers’ and then hopefully end up as part of the ‘leadership team’. If you read a text about leadership, it will inevitably interchange leadership for management & […]

Would you boycott a brand over their ethics?

I would, in fact I do. Interestingly, a new Edelman study shows 64% of consumers across 8 key markets including China, India, US, Brazil & U.K are willing to boycott a brand over its ethics (increase of 13% over 12 months). This might just seem like interesting market analysis but it says a lot about […]

What is really at the heart of a great culture?

Pyschological Safety

Psychological Safety is not new – but thanks to Google’s research on great teams is gaining more attention. In fact, Google’s research and plenty of other research shows that psychological safety is the basis of all high performance teams. Quite a statement! However, in my experience I have to agree. I see so many organisations […]

Interviews, job offers and toxic cultures.

Toxic Cultures

I just read a great Fast Company article titled “How to identify a toxic culture before accepting a job offer!” I couldn’t help but relate to the content. How often have you heard recruiters, HR or interviewers wax lyrical about how great the company culture is, only to find it never lives up to the hype. In this article Jared Lindzon comes […]

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